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Justice and Home Affairs

Justice and Home Affairs Dialogue represents one of the fundamental objectives of the EU – Moldova Relations. The key directions of the EU-Moldova Justice and Home Affairs Dialogue are:

  • to establish a regular and enhanced cooperation in the area of visa, border control, migration and asylum, fighting money laundering and drug consumption, organized crime and set up a cooperation framework to facilitate receiving of EU assistance for this purpose
  • enhance cooperation between parties as concerns the consolidation of institutional and implementation capacities of the relevant national bodies in the field of justice and home affairs
  • improvement of the effectiveness of the judiciary and ensuring its independence

The main platform of discussions on Justice and Home Affairs is the EU-Moldova Subcommittee N3 "Customs, Cross-border Cooperation, Money Laundering, Drugs, Illegal Immigration" which meets once per year in Chisinau or in Brussels at the level of experts to deal with ongoing issues in the justice and home affairs field.

Internal Affairs and Migration

The Republic of Moldova is actively involved in the process of implementation of the Mobility Partnership initiative. The Joint Declaration on Mobility Partnership between Republic of Moldova and European Union was signed on 5 June 2008.

EU-Republic of Moldova "Joint Declaration on Mobility Partnership"


Stockholm Programme

At the initiative of the Republic of Moldova the International Conference "The Eastern Partners' contribution to the Stockholm Program: Synergies to improve mobility and strengthen security" was held in Chisinau on 24 – 25 January 2011. Representatives of 26 countries, European Commission, EU agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and academia participated in the international conference.

Cooperation with Europol and Eurojust

Aiming to strengthen cooperation with Europol, Moldova is looking forward to move on from the Strategic cooperation agreement, signed in 2007, to the Operational one in the near future. Additionally, Moldova declared its willingness to sign a Cooperation Agreement with EUROJUST. The main condition to fulfil both objectives is to fully implement the data protection system in Moldova. A progress in this regard is foreseen for the end of 2011.

Border Management

The EU established an EU Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) on the border between Moldova and Ukraine, including on the Transnistrian segment. The purpose of this mission is to enhance the capacities of the Moldovan and Ukrainian services on the border and thereby provide a valuable contribution to the settlement of the Transnistria conflict. Moldova Border Guards are working closely with this mission. EUBAM has an important role in monitoring of the implementation of the Joint Declaration of the Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Republic of Moldova of 30 December 2005 on customs issues, which is fully implemented.

The Government of the Republic of Moldova approved on 27th December 2010 the National strategy on integrated border management of the state border for 2011 - 2013.

Visa facilitation and readmission

As a step forward in promoting people to people contacts with other countries, visa facilitation dialogue was moved forward. On 1st January, 2008, agreements on visa facilitation and readmission entered into forced.

Overall the agreements aim at making it easier for Moldovan citizens, in particular those who travel most, to acquire short-stay visas for the EU , whilst simultaneously combating illegal immigration. The Visa Facilitation agreement makes it possible to maintain the visa handling fee at €35 instead of €60 for all Moldovan citizens and provide a total exemption from the visa fee for certain categories of applicants. Furthermore, for certain categories of persons, e.g. businessmen, students and journalists, the necessary supporting documents for a visa application are simplified. For certain categories of frequent travellers it is possible to issue multi-entry visas with long periods of validity. Finally, holders of diplomatic passports are exempted from the visa obligation.

Text: Visa facilitation agreement – agreement between the European community and the Republic of Moldova on the facilitation of the issuance of visas

The readmission agreement sets out clear obligations and procedures for the authorities of both Moldova and of EU Member States as to when and how to take back people who are illegally residing on the territories covered by the agreement. In this respect, the agreement covers not only the illegally staying nationals of both parties but also third country nationals and stateless persons being in an irregular situation provided they have a clear link with the requested Party (e.g. visa or resident permit). Full respect of Human Rights as provided by the European Convention of Human Rights is guaranteed during the application of the Readmission agreement.

Text: Agreement between the European community and the republic of Moldova on the readmission of persons residing without authorization

A Common Visa Application Centre in Chisinau was established as an initiative complementary to the negotiations on the Agreement on Visa Facilitation.www.cac.md

Starting from January 1, 2007, the Republic of Moldova abolished the visa regime for the EU Member States, the Swiss Confederation, Norway, Island, USA, Canada, and Japan.

EU-Moldova Visa Dialogue

On June 15 2010, the EU-Moldova Visa Dialogue was launched and the 1st Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) was held. In January 2011, Commissioner for Home affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom officially handed out to Moldovan Government the Action Plan on visa liberalisation. On 17th February 2011 during the 2nd SOM, Moldovan side submitted the National Programme for the implementation of the Visa liberalisation Action Plan. The short-term goal of the Moldovan Government is to ensure the implementation of the 1st set of benchmarks and move on to the implementation of the 2nd set of benchmarks before the end of 2011.