floarea soareluistemă naţională a Moldoveifloarea soarelui

Regional Cooperation

Regional cooperation represents an important dimension of the foreign policy activity of the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, from the very beginning the participation of the Republic of Moldova into the south Eastern cooperation process has come as an significant support for the European integration policy of the Republic of Moldova.

Starting with 2001, following the accession to the Stability Pact for the South Eastern Europe, the Republic of Moldova has experienced a significant advancement in the regional cooperation in the South Eastern Europe. It has been actively involved in the regional initiatives and processes, and since gained the status of a reliable partner in achieving regional objectives. As a priority objective of the foreign policy, regional cooperation has contributed to economic development and enhanced security, thus giving incentives for European integration process in the Republic of Moldova.

In May 2006 the Republic of Moldova became a full-fledged member of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), and already in 2008 the Republic of Moldova will take over the SEECP Chairmanship-in-Office, proving thus its political commitment and regional engagement in advancing towards the alignment to European values, standards and principles.

Furthermore, the active involvement and successful participation into regional cooperation process has offered the possibility for the Republic of Moldova to take over and further exercise the CEFTA Chairmanship (2008-2009), MAG RACVIAC Presidency (2007-2008), SEE Health Network (January – June 2008), which will absolutely provide an added value and significant input to the new architecture in South Eastern Europe.

The Republic of Moldova, along with the South-East European states signed the CEFTA 2006 Agreement, the MoU on the Institutional Framework of the DPPI Initiative, the MoU on SPAI Initiative, the Host Country Agreement regarding the administrative arrangements for the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat. Furthermore, it will also be a signatory party to the SEE MoU on the Parliamentary Cooperation, which will be signed in April 2008. Also, Moldova has the observer status to the Energy Community Treaty, working closely with European Commission services on becoming next year a full-fledged member to the EEC.