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Minister Tudor Ulianovschi met with the Chief Executive Officer of the European Economic Senate

Minister Tudor Ulianovschi met with the Chief Executive Officer of the European Economic Senate

March 2, Chisinau - The attraction of investments and the development of the tourist potential of the Republic of Moldova, the creation of an attractive infrastructure for both, citizens and guests from abroad are some of the Government's priority directions. The statement was made today by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Tudor Ulianovschi, during a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of the European Economic Senate Michael Ernst Jäger.

The interlocutors exchanged views on the tourism sector situation and its role in the national economy, at the same time attesting a significant increase of foreign citizens' interest towards our country, especially during the national events, such as the "Mărţişor" Festival, Wine Festival, etc.

In this context, Tudor Ulianovschi and Michael Ernst Jäger agreed to organize an informational visit to the Republic of Moldova of some members of the European Economic Senate, which can contribute to the development of the tourism industry and the initiation of investment projects in this field.

In order to develop partnership relations with our country, Michael Ernst Jäger had also meetings with the Director of the Tourism Agency and with the leadership of the the Receiver National Tourism Association from Moldova (ANTRIM).

Michael Ernst Jäger visits the Republic of Moldova at the invitation of the head of the Moldovan Diplomacy, following the visit to the Land of Bavaria of Minister Ulianovschi, which took place on February 18, 2018.

Note: The European Economic Senate (EES) is a body of specially selected, very successful individuals, whose businesses, and their products or services, are among the market leaders in their respective fields. The number of senators is limited to 300 individuals, representing as many different fields of industry as possible. Today the EES is the focal point of an EU wide network of more than 1 million partner enterprises.


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