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MFAEI continues the project “Street Art”

MFAEI continues the project “Street Art”

May 11th, Chişinău - The MFA EI continues the beautiful tradition of promoting of cultural diplomacy through the mural painting in the context of celebration of the Europe Day 2018. In the current edition of the project “Street Art”, talented young people will contribute to the decoration of four public transport stations from Chişinău.

The previous year’s edition of the project “Street Art” has remained in the memory of citizens of Chişinău through a series of mural paintings. This year with the effort of students from the Architecture Department of the Technical University of Moldova and the support of companies NANU Market and EpaMedia will be decorated four public transport stations from Chişinău (three from the central area of the city and one from the Râşcani district).

All participants at this project will present their works in the “European Village 2018”. The ceremony of awarding the diplomas will take place near the MFA EI tent at May 12th, 2.30 p.m.

The “European Village” will be opened for the visitors in the period May 12-13. More details about the event could be found here.


The current activity of the Embassy

  • “Moldovan-British Charity Forum”

    A Moldovan-British Charity Forum was held on 22 May 2018, in London.

  • International Public Speaking Competition

    A representative of the Republic of Moldova, Alexandru Covalciuc, participated in the 38th largest public speaking competition in the world (International Public Speaking Competition, IPSC) organised by the prestigious charity organisation the English-Speaking Union (ESU).

  • „Moldova Automotive Days 2018”

    The 2nd edition of "Moldova Automotive Days" - the most important annual event for the automotive sector will be held on 29-30 May 2018 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.